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Move over Stock media player on Xoom MoboPlayer is where its at

This media app should be one the first thing Xoom owners should download, why? That answer is easy, it’ll play ANY video format that VLC plays. Meaning that copy you have of Black Hawk Down thats AVI, stock media player wouldn’t play it but MoboPlayer does.

The company goes as far as list 3 different versions on their website for different types of phones HERE. Up until recently I was hesitant about using this seeing how it was coming from an unknown name in a country that recently has been providing apps with viruses in it, however thats not the case with this. They’ve embraced the open source community by placing their source codes on the page at the bottom.

Currently subtitles don’t fully work as Mobo doesn’t support mkv which has built-in subtitle streams yet, however they are working on it. The great thing about this is, its not just made for the Xoom but also plays on Android devices 1.6 and up.

While on their site you’ll also be able to see the full change log, and believe me its long. But it also does show that this isn’t something to make and dump. That they are putting some serious time behind this. The most astonishing aspect is that unlike some of the other media players that don’t do even half of what this does, they provide this for free. Both in the market and via their website.

I’ve just started to use this application and already its taken over for all my video’s on the Xoom. Google, if a 3rd party company can come up with such a great media player and give it out for free, why couldn’t you just build it? Hit the links below for either link to their website or to their Android market page for it.

Finally let us know what you think, think their is a better one then this?

Android Market

MoboPlayer Website

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