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Move Over Atrix, You Can Use Your HTC Evo As A Desktop

For some of you this may not be new. If you use your rooted HTC Evo with Cyanogen Mod 6.1.2 you know you have mouse pointer capabilities for your HTC Evo. Simply hook it up to a bluetooth keyboard and an HDMI monitor and you’re just about in business.

Well XDA developer Lokfish Marz (no relation to Bruno) has compiled the best apps, practices and ways to ditch your desktop PC and simply use your HTC Evo for all your desk topping needs. Using Cyanogen Mod 6.1.2 (as said above) and a bundle of mostly free apps you’ll be in business.

Here’s a quick list of the software and hardware Lokfish has used for his configuration after the break

CM7 at the bottom of the page
Google Apps
Custom Keyboard Map
xScope Browser (Optional but needed if you want a more Desktop UI browsing experience)
Desktop Theme for xScope
LCDDensity for Root
Null Keyboard
VTL.Launcher (I try to avoid suggesting specific apps but with this I have “desktop” and phone screens all in one)
Documents To Go (Optional but suggested for better file editing)

Dell Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle (it’s really a Logitech for $30!!!)
HDMI or DVI-D Display
HDMI Cable
(HDMI to DVI adapter for DVI displays)

Over at XDA Lokfish has posted a step by step guide on how to do this and what software to use. Check it out here

Source: XDA

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