Motorola Fine Tuning Xoom Strategy For UK Launch

The Motorola Xoom is the first Android tablet to feature Android 3.0, “Honeycomb”, which is a version of Android designed specifically for tablets.  It launched at the end of February here in the states much softer than some might expect.

Although in some circles the Motorola Xoom is considered the first Android Tablet, Samsung Mobile’s 7″ Galaxy Tab was actually the first Android tablet with Google Apps and Android Market access, available worldwide.  The Motorola Xoom was expecting huge results and one industry insider who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity told us “Verizon isn’t happy” about the sales of the Xoom.

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Most Android and tech sites are quick to point out that the Motorola Xoom was way overpriced at launch. The 3g model off contract was a whopping $799 which made it far than less attractive in price than Apple’s iPad.  Motorola felt it was justified though as the Xoom featured Android 3.0. Flash and over 3g video calling.  We found out right before launch that Flash wasn’t quite ready. Although this problem has been corrected.

We do agree that the Xoom pricing was too high, however we’ve always said that one of the main problems with the Motorola Xoom is the marketing.  Motorola, and Verizon seem to be to blame for the Xooms spacy, sci fi, not to the point advertising here in the states. In fact, rather than highlighting that mom, dad and brother can video chat without wifi or view in full they rather reminisce over a 1980’s Apple ad based on George Orwell’s “1984”. In fact not only did Motorola take it upon themselves to choose a very scifi tech nerd guy targeted advertising campaign, they aired it during the SuperBowl.  Motorola has actually developed a SuperBowl curse after the Devour and now the Xoom, so my advice to you, if Motorola puts it in an ad in next years Super Bowl the product is not going to sell well.

Nobody has actually given concrete answers to sales figures for the Xoom. We are sure if we ping Dan Meade he will tell us they did really well online. Which is a shame because the Motorola Xoom is a bad ass piece of hardware.  In fact it’s so bad ass that when we got done with our review period I stood inline on day 1 to purchase a wifi Xoom.

So after all these “mistakes” in the United States, it actually appears that Motorola may be tinkering it’s strategy with the UK release.  Our friends at are reporting that Motorola Xoom pricing has gone down 20 pounds, before launch.

As far as marketing goes, is reporting that Motorola has invested in a multimillion pound advertising campaign that is going to highlight the features, advantages and benefits to buying and owning a Motorola Xoom. This new ad will be seen on TV, Digital and outdoor channels (as in animated billboards).

First screened in the United States, Motorola’s new ad highlights Flash, Video Chatting and other features of the Motorola Xoom and Android 3.0 Honeycomb.  The ad shows a laptop broken in half with the tag line “everything a tablet should be”.

We’re hopeful that the Wifi release of the Motorola Xoom in the United States, and this refined strategy in the UK will pump the life the Xoom needs into it, because again, its a bad ass piece of hardware.

Source: Eurodroid Dailynewsengine

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  1. For $700 you get a pretty awesome Notebook these days.. I am still going to buy a tablet one of these days.. Let’s see at what price it will arrive here in austria

  2. Picking one up today — but only the Wifi model Verizon and Motorola are both at fault. No one wants to pay $700 for a tablet when a laptop for the same price would suffice. And, no one (who owns an Android phone on the Verizon network) wants to pony-up to pay for yet another data plan. I have an Android phone that doubles as a Wifi hotspot – so I only need a Wifi version of the Tablet. More economical that way, and just about anywhere major you go these days, has free Wifi.

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