Lookout Mobile Security For Android Thwarts Car Jackers

Police in Peoria Arizona are crediting the victim of a carjacking and her Android phone equipped with the Look Out Mobile Security App, with helping to quickly catch the perpetrators of her carjacking.

When Jaime Jasso Jr, and Alexis Rojas allegedly (remember their innocent until proven guilty and all that) held the owner of a 2002 Oldsmobile Aero at knife point and demanded her car keys they didn’t know that they would get the added bonus of the victims cell phone being stowed away in the car.  They also didn’t know that the victim’s cell phone was equipped with the application by Lookout Mobile Security.

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A mere 17 minutes after the duo took off in the victims car, the police were able to locate the car using Lookout’s website and arrest the suspects. Lookout protects your phone from viruses, malware, it backs up your data and it can also locate a lost or stolen device.” says lookout spokesperson Alicia diVittorio. In this case it also helped track a stolen car because the phone was in the car at the time of the car jacking.

diVittorio has said they’ve noticed an uptick in incidents like this where their app has led to the recovery of phones and cars.

Thedroidguy.com ran a story about Lookout in preparation for the holidays. When we ran that story we received an email from a woman in California who has installed booth lookout and Google latitude (set to private) on her 7 year old sons cell phone. You may think it odd that a 7 year old has an Android phone however the mother wrote that she has it customized so the child can’t cause any big bill increases and stocked with kids games and books.  The son is also part of a bitter custody battle and both Latitude and Lookout provide the family with a sense of mind knowing they can locate the child at anytime.

Source: Talk Android, ABC15 and TDG

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