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Live Greener With Greenopia

If you are an Eco-Friendly traveler, live in a city where you want to start finding Eco-Friendly businesses and resources, or own a business that you would like to make more environmentally friendly you really should check out Greenopia. We were lucky enough to meet and talk to the people of Greenopia at Pepcom’s Eco-focus this year and we highly recommend them if you are looking to be more environmentally aware this year. Their website has many helpful ways to live more green.

For those that are looking to find Green businesses you should check out their website. It includes business directories, news articles, and their Greenopia online store. The online store gives you the ability to purchase Greenopia guides for major cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco that gives you thousands or Eco-Friendly businesses to check out. Some of these include spas, coffeehouses, restaurants, dry cleaners, and more. You can also search their business directory for Eco-Friendly places to visit. iPhone owners can also download the Greenopia app to have instant access to all the green businesses around them. The Greenopia App for Android is in the works and according to Doug Mazeffa, research director for Greenopia, and it should be ready later this year.

Greenopia also offers many helpful tools for business owners. You can check out their online store and purchase White Papers, Consulting services, and Marketing research. Whether you own a Restaurant, Coffee shop, clothing store, White Papers gives many different ways to help reduce the environmental footprint your business makes. Business owners can also purchase Consulting Services, these services are directed towards businesses of all sizes and types. These services are definitely worth checking out and great for owners that would like to reduce the environmental imprint their business makes.

Greenopia is definitely a one stop shop for all your green needs, whether you are a business owner or consumer, Greenopia offers many great tools to help live more green and reduce the environmental footprint we leave on Earth. Be sure to head over to Greenopia and check it out for yourself.

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