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Kyocera’s Big Day: Releases Source Code For Kyocera Zio

If you were fortunate enough to pick up the Kyocera Zio, one of the premiere phones for Sprint ID packs, than today is your lucky day. The source code for the Kyocera Zio was released today.

If you’re not familiar with the Zio it came out on both Cricket and Sprint. For Cricket wireless it was the first prepaid Android device from Kyocera and on Sprint it was one of the three phones released for the Sprint ID Packs joining the LG Optimus S and the Samsung Transform.

The Kyocera Zio is a midrange phone with a compact form factor and a track ball.  In other big Kyocera news today, despite the humongous earthquake in Japan Kyocera and Sprint reached their Spring 2011 goal of releasing the Kyocera Echo, dual screen device.

Source: Android Central

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