Japan’s Gree Acquires Open Feint For $104 Million Dollars

Today in San Francisco it was announced that two global powerhouses in the social mobile gaming space have joined forces to create a social gaming ecosystem with over 100 million users worldwide.  Gree, Japan’s leading social gaming platform announced today that they have acquired Open Feint for $104 million dollars.

Open Feint, the largest social gaming platform in the US and is known for hits like Tiny Wings and Fruit Ninja. They currently have over 75 million users across iPhone and Android. When combined with Gree’s 25 million Japanese users, that gives the new company Gree International 100 million users.

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“We are excited that GREE shares our belief in the OpenFeint network and are ecstatic to partner with a renowned global leader to build a multi-billion dollar business,” says Jason Citron, CEO and founder of OpenFeint. “Together, we will deliver the strongest global ecosystem of gaming networks to our combined 100 million users.”

“At GREE, we are socializing the next evolution of games and, as the best-in-class US-based mobile social network, OpenFeint is the ideal partner for us to offer the best mobile social games to the largest global audience,” said Yoshikazu Tanaka, founder and CEO of GREE. “This acquisition further emphasizes GREE’s commitment to providing the first and best global gaming ecosystem, with both the developer and consumer in mind,” says Naoki Aoyagi, CEO of GREE International, the subsidiary that recently opened an office in San Francisco.

Look for Citron and the Open Feint team to stay in place with long term incentives as the combined company grows into a multi billion dollar business.