Intel Blazing The Oak Trail With Android Enabled Processor

Intel, probably the best known processor manufacturer in the world, has officially thrown their hat in the Android ring.  Their Atom processors, codenamed “Oak Trail” have started to ship.

One of the unique things about the new Oak Trail Chips is that they have the ability to run both Windows Phone 7 and Android. Of course this makes the chips way more appealing to original equipment manufacturers (OEM), producing both Android and WP devices.

According to Intel’s General Manager of Marketing at Intel’s netbook and tablet group, Bill Kircos, 35 tablets are expected to use the Oak Trail Chips this year. Kircos says that Lenovo, Fujitsu, Samsung and Motion Computing will all be using the Oak Trail Chip.

As we already know Intel is the chip partner for the Google TV platform so it’s only a natural progression that Intel will now power tablets running Android 3.0, Honeycomb. Intel chips are also in the CR-48 laptop which features Google’s Chrome Operating System.

Honeycomb is currently only available on tablets using ARM’s processors. Kircos admitted that the Intel chips won’t be “outstanding” on power consumption but they will better compete with ARM as the chips get smaller and faster.

The single core Oak Trail Chip clocks at 1.5ghz and is a sibling to the Moorestown chip designed for smartphones. Phandroid’s Kevin Krause speculates that the Oak Trail Chips will play better with the big named PC manufacturers, like Acer, who are producing Android tablets on the side.

Source: Phandroid and PC World

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  1. The biggest GPU manufacturers Nvidia and AMD, work well with x86/64 chips in an increasingly mobile, high graphics market, that’s a big advantage.

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