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HTC Thunderbolt Help Is On The Way

Verizon Wireless is on the brink of releasing an update that will correct many problems HTC Thundebrolt users are having on America’s first 4G/LTE Wireless Network.

Although the carrier isn’t quite ready to release the update which includes a new radio (version some folks over at the Android Central Forums have access to it and instructions on how to get it running.¬† Once you’ve installed this new ROM you should see fixes to the LTE/3G handoff, audio recording, video playback and proximity sensor drain.

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As you may recall, during the weeks leading up to the actual Thunderbolt release we kept reporting that our friends at the Verizon test center kept saying the 3G to 4G handoff was one of the main reasons that the HTC Thunderbolt was having such a hard time getting launched.

Most of these fixes found in this latest update will also improve the HTC Thunderbolt’s plagued battery life, especially when being used for 4G.

If you’ve flashed ROMS onto your phone before or are comfortable trying it feel free to head over to the Android Central Forums to do so if not wait until Verizon rolls it out as an Over The Air Update, we are expecting an email from Albert any day now.

Source: Gizmocrunch

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