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HTC Thunderbolt Finally Gets Skype Mobile With Video…Sort Of

Ahh, the excitement from the Android community was heard when Verizon and Skype announced that Skype Mobile with video would be coming to the HTC Thunderbolt. Then delay after delay occurred until an internal email led to the dreaded article stating that the HTC Thunderbolt would no longer be sporting Skype with video at launch.

Sure enough, Verizon and HTC started pulling Skype from advertisements, and stickers were sent out to cover up Skype’s logo on physical ads. Our hopes and dreams of seeing Skype on the Thunderbolt were fading away, and we were all left wondering why. Could this be the reason for the Thunderbolts painfully delayed launch? Will Skype Mobile with video ever come to Android.

The Skype-less Thunderbolt launch made it official, and we were all left wondering when, and if we would ever see Skype with video come to Android. Well, we will, and though it isn’t exactly official, the moment is now. Skype Mobile with video support has leaked for the HTC Thunderbolt and can be downloaded from our pals over at Droid Life. As exciting as this is, as of right now it only works on the Thunderbolt. However, a working Skype app that isn’t just a video of a demo (like we saw at CES) is on Android. This can only mean we aren’t too far from seeing Skype Mobile’s official video-supporting app release, and that my friends, is definitely a step in the right direction.

Source: Droid Life

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