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HTC Sense 3D Rom On The T-Mobile G2

XDA has been kicking out hit after hit in the ROM world and this news is no different. We heard about the newest version of HTC Sense all week last week dubbed “HTC Sense 3.0” or “HTC Sense 3D”well the fine folks at XDA have ported the HTC Sense 3.0 ROM to the T-Mobile G2

The developer rmk40 wants to make sure everyone knows this is more of a show and tell ROM than anything else. He says its unusable at the moment mainly because the G2 has a WVGA screen whereas the Sensation is a qHD device which puts all the key parts of the UI either off the screen or not in the right place.

While we’re sure that he’ll keep working on it right now just check out how far he’s come already and of course the XDA developer community will attack this project and hopefully we’ll see a full working port later on.

Here’s the video and check out the source link below it:


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