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HTC Confirms Gingerbread Updates & Denies Flyer To Verizon

Earlier in the year Computerworld did a piece about which manufacturers were best at updating the Android operating system and the leader was definitely HTC. That tradition continues as the Nexus One has already been upgraded to Gingerbread and now more news for other HTC Android devices.

According to Android Talk who heard via an email to a reader, HTC will be upgrading both the EVO 4G on Sprint and the Thunderbolt on Verizon to Android 2.3, “Gingerbread”, by the end of Q2 2011. That is of course provided there are no “set backs”.

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As you can remember the HTC Thunderbolt launch was plagued by “Set Backs” and now Windows Phone 7 fans are experiencing similar delays with the Trophy. However in both cases the carrier hadn’t issued a release date so they are just “rumored delays”.

With HTC pegging down the end of Q2 we are looking at no later than the end of June.

In the same email, that you can read on Talk Android here, the HTC rep tells the reader there are no plans for the HTC tablet to head to Verizon. Of course a line level email responder isn’t going to be as privy as some of our ninjas and other Android insiders.

source: Talk Android

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