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Honeycomb Thinkpad Tablet Coming This Summer?

We are going to file this under rumor for now, but it seems that we may be seeing a Honeycomb Thinkpad Tablet this summer from Lenovo, the fourth largest PC maker.

According to the document that was obtained by This Is My Next the tablet will run Android 3.0, Honeycomb. Also the Thinkpad will come in three different sizes 16GB, 32GB, and a 64GB and will weigh in around 1.6 pounds. the Thinkpad is also rumored to have a 10.1″ IPS (in plane switching) touch screen, Nvidia Tegra 2, dual cameras, and also have the ability of 3G and 4G connections. Rumor also has it that it will come with an optional stylus for those that like having one. There is also several ports include such as USB 2.0, micro USB, mini HDMI, along with a SD card slot.

It seems that the software and tablet are directed towards corporate IT departments and will have a user interface that will also include enhanced security. Another interesting tid bit is there will be an appstore that companies can keep an eye on so only approved apps are downloadable.

Overall, this seems like an interesting tablet to keep an eye out for and we will be sure to do so and keep you update regarding the Thinkpad Tablet by Lenovo.



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