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Holy Moly The Zippo App Has Made It

Ok so really it’s not that exciting but the iPhone is known for some great things like cigarette lighter apps, and fart noise makers, and today we are glad to report that the official Zippo app has come to Android from iPhone.

Really these lighter apps are fun. It’s become popular to use a smartphone lighter to ask a band for an encore in clubs and bars that have now banned smoking. Look around the room at the next concert you go to and you will undoubtedly see hundreds of virtual lighters.

The Virtual Zippo Lighter app continues to spread like wildfire. Mobile users are downloading more than 70,000 of these apps each week, and this is with no paid media support,” said Jon Vlassopulos, Chief Executive Officer, skyrockit. “In addition, the in-app store’s premium items have been well received by users and their active purchasing is creating a whole new revenue stream for us and Zippo which is really exciting and transformational for brand marketing.”

Zippo has taken the virtual lighter to the next step by offering 25 different lighter designs and over 250 premium lighter skins. The skins are available for $.99 and in retrospect thats a lot cheaper than collecting physical zippos these days.

Source: Zippo via businesswire

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