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Helping Our Neighbors in Alabama

It’s a shame that its a rarity that as American’s we mobilize to help a fellow state out in the way we have over countries.  The earthquake and tsunami in Japan affected many lives, including lives of Thedroidguy followers and lives of folks who work for our OEM ecosystem partners.  Americans of course did what they do best and donated, and helped in any way they could, as they did with Haiti and other international catastrophes.

The Alabama Tornado’s this week struck down relatively close to home for thedroidguy and of course we have a ton of followers in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and surrounding areas. Luckily everyone we personally know was ok however some of Alabama’s biggest areas were affected, over 300 American’s lives have been taken.

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Tornado’s are a new thing for me as I’m from hurricane country.  I always thought tornadoes happened in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, obviously I was wrong.

President Obama has declared parts of Alabama a federal disaster area. There are areas in Alabama where law enforcement won’t let you by because they still need to clean body parts off the street. This is real, very real and it’s here at home.

In the aftermath of these horrific tornadoes a few things disturb me the most. Of course the devastation and loss throughout Alabama, the lives lost and the people displaced. But one thing that gets me is not 12 hours after the Japanese earthquake there were donate Android apps up, and a brief check of the market reveals nothing of the such for the Americans in Alabama.  So below is a link to the central Alabama Red Cross please donate if you can there, and if you’re an app developer having a lazy Saturday perhaps you can create an Alabama Tornado Relief App.

There are a whole slew of Thedroidguy followers in Alabama but some folks who live or have ties to that area include twitterers: @msfoxylady @punkie1413 @wesgarner @mardenator @jivy

Here’s that link to the Red Cross

**also please note our shipping and receiving is handled through one of the affected areas in Alabama and physical prize disbursement from our Easter Egg hunt is delayed about a week. Prize disbursement on our e-prizes has also been delayed because of downed internet access**

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