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Hayley Williams From Paramore Is Getting A T-Mobile Sidekick, Welcome To #TeamAndroid

Hayley Williams of Paramore tweeted today that she is going to join Team Android by getting the new Sidekick. It’s nice to see more musicians turning to team Android.

It’s worthy to note that Hayley Williams sang the hook to B.O.B’s Airplanes and B.O.B was the musical guest at the Samsung Galaxy S launch party last summer.

We can’t be sure if Williams’ attraction to the Sidekick is the Sidekick itself or the fact that it’s Android.  The original T-Mobile Sidekick, in the early part of the decade, was very popular amongst celebrities including the Hilton twins, Lindsay Lohan and many others who proudly toted their Sidekicks around and had plenty of paparazzi shots taken using the cool hiptop device.

The new Sidekick 4G, made by Samsung, was released earlier this month and combined the best of both worlds as far as Sidekick and Android is concerned.  There were a lot of naysayers early on however the Sidekick 4G has been getting rave reviews for it’s speedy network, multiple messaging functions and world class 5 row keyboard.

We hope Hayley’s  tweets will soon say they were sent from Seesmic or one of the other great Android Twitter clients.

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