Google Releases “Google Offers” To Beta

After a failed bid earlier in the year to buy location based mega discount giant, Groupon for $6 billion dollars, Google has finally released their LBS offer program to BETA. In true Google fashion, if you can’t buy them, copy them and hopefully beat them, Google has released the Beta in Portland with plans for San Francisco and New York City to hop on the beta test next.

Portland was also selected as the test market for Google’s NFC chips however a Google spokesperson told Business Insider that the two were not connected (sure thing).

On the surface Google’s new “offers” program looks a lot like Groupon. There is a form for businesses to fill out information about themselves and then an offer they can make. Front end users of the “Offers” system will receive offers of up to 50% off at local merchants. This is part of the effort Google is making to secure the small and local businesses that were the bread and butter of Google search money prior to the LBS boom of 2010.

source: Business Insider

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