Google Launches New Android Enterprise Features

Google has launched three new Android features for businesses in an attempt to get the Android OS in more businesses.

One of the new features makes that Google has introduced makes Honeycomb tablets fit quite comfortably into corporate polices. Google Apps administrators are now able to encrypt data on tablets running the Android OS 3.0. This feature should make corporations a little more comfortable about allowing tablets in the work place, since it is now possible to ensure corporate data doesn’t remain on the device.

Another new feature that has been incorporated is an update to the Google Apps Policy. Now along with being able to wipe devices, IT administrators can also reset passwords remotely along with being able to locate a lost or stolen device with the use of Google Maps. This new feature is available on corporate devices running Android 2.2 and higher.

Also released is Google Apps Lookup, which gives you away to quickly look at organizational charts of a company. lookups can be done by voice, text, and also be able to contact the company by e-mail, chat, text, or phone. Of course this feature requires at least Android 2.1.

As we have seen the corporate world is not the only place that we expect to see Android over the next few years. According to research Android will account for close to 50% of the smartphone market over the coming years.