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Gigabyte Launching Windows-Android Tablets???

It seems that we may be seeing quite a few  Android Tablets this year, one of which will also run the Windows operating system, at least that is what  Taiwan based company, Gigabyte Technology, has said.

According to PC World and the Senior VP of Gigabyte Technology, Richard Ma, we will be seeing a few Android Tablets being released by the company this year. The first ones are due in July and will come in two sizes, 7″ and 10″. The larger of the two will run the Android operating system Honeycomb, while the smaller 7″ model will be running Android 2.2.

However, October will be an interesting month, that’s when we should see Gigabyte’s next line of tablets. It seems that these tablets will run both Windows 7 and the Android OS (which version has yet to be determined). Upon starting up the tablet the user will get the choice of which OS to use.

These tablets due for release in July and October will be running on an Intel Atom processors, but will lack USB Ports, and will be sold for under $400. However, at this moment those are the only specs that Richard Ma would release to PC World, saying the rest has yet to be finalized.

We will keep you informed on any developments concerning these tablets from Gigabyte Technology. In the mean time what do you guys think about a tablet that gives you the choice of which OS to run? Let us know in the comments.


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