Ericsson Suing ZTE Over Devices And Infrastructure

Swedish company Ericsson (half of the Sony Ericsson empire) has sued ZTE over several patent infringements that involve both handsets and infrastructure.

A spokesman for Ericsson said they have filed lawsuits in Britain, Germany, and Italy against Chinese equipment maker ZTE after they tried settling out of court by making ZTE sign a patent licensing agreement. Although Ericsson hasn’t said how long they negotiated over the patents the spokesperson indicated this was a last resort.

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There is no word on the exact patent infringements or how many patents there are. Both the lawsuit in Germany and the lawsuit in Italy deal with handset technology while the lawsuit in Britain deals with infrastructure.

A big part of Ericsson’s business these days has been in designing and manufacturing equipment for LTE. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is the type of 4G network that Verizon has begun to implement in the United States.  In fact Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg indicated that it was Ericsson’s relationship with Verizon for network equipment that paved the way for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play to release in the United States on Verizon Wireless.

The lawyers for Ericsson have also sought an injunction in all 3 countries to halt the sale of ZTE handsets while the litigation is pending.

source: Forbes