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Droid X2 Coming With Dual Core Processor

Well, we have some more information to share about Motorola’s Droid X2. So far there has not been much information available regarding the Droid X2 besides a leak here and there. However, there has been quite a bit of words thrown around regarding the Droid X2, such as “Dual Core” and “Tegra 2”.

From what has been gathered though, it does seem that the Droid X2 will sport a dual core processor. Android Central was able to get their hands on a video that shows the Droid X booting, and on the screen you see it says “Dual Core Technology”.

As far as specs go not much else is known at this moment, but you can guarantee we will keep you posted on any news regarding the Droid X. Hit this link to check out the video of the Droid X boot.


Android Central

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