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DROID Bionic Undergoing Enhancements Including “Improved Form Factor”

Alright guys, if you haven’t heard about all of these DROID Bionic delays yet you have been living under a rock, however, Motorola still hasn’t said exactly why yet. They have hinted around and now there is an press release shedding a little more light on the situation.

The DROID Bionic was revealed at CES, and evidently Motorola got some pretty negative feedback on the device because they are making some pretty drastic enhancements, or so we expect. I have been expecting for a while that the Bionic would be ditched for the Targa, but the Targa would be released as the “Droid Bionic”. This still may not be the case, but according to this screenshot the device will still be undergoing some changes including “an improved form factor”. The release also states that the other changes would include ” expanded features,¬†functionality” so hopefully Motorola has decided 512 mb of ram on a dual-core device probably isn’t the best idea.

Whatever these expansions are, we are sure to here more in the coming weeks so stay tuned. The DROID Bionic will be on Verizon “sometime this Summer”, and we are hoping they will get it out as quick as possible. This device will be 4G, have a 4.3 inch screen and dual-core processor as of right now, but as we have stated earlier the Bionic is undergoing some “enhancements”. Stay tuned to for more news on the Motorola DROID Bionic.

Source: Droid-Life

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