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Droid Bionic Is Still A Go….At Least According To Moto

For the last couple of days we have been hearing about Motorola Mobility’s Droid Bionic being cancelled. Like all good rumors this one spread like wildfire and was all over the internet.

First we heard that the Bionic was cancelled, after that a Motorola Mobility Spokesperson had said that it would be delayed due to enhancements,and now Motorola itself has jumped in with a tweet regarding the Bionic.

Motorola Mobility simply stated in their tweet ” The Droid Bionic will be available this summer from Verizon Wireless. Stay tuned for more details”.

Now the question remains will this be the “original” Droid Bionic that was due for release? Or will this be a souped up version with the label Bionic attached. Either way the Bionic will be coming in one form or another.



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