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Comscore: Android Now 1 in 3 Phones

One of the most trusted researchers of data on the mobile industry is the Comscore index. The latest Comscore numbers for February have been released and they are showing even more growth in the world of Android.  How much growth? According to the February 11 numbers for Comscore, Google’s Android Operating System now accounts for 33% of phones sold in the US.

In the February results RIM dropped from 33.5% to 28.9% even while rumors that the Playbook Tablet, which requires a Blacbkerry to accompany it for full use, was just around the corner. In fact Staples is taking pre-orders on the playbook now.

Microsoft continues to spiral down and the Comscore numbers take into consideration both devices withWindows Mobile 6.5 and the newly introduced Windows Phone 7. With both versions in mind, Microsoft fell from 9.0% to 7.7%. Microsoft and Nokia are hoping that aligning themselves to release more WP7 phones will help at least stop the bleeding (or armpit sweating).

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Apple saw a gain of just .2% during the month when the iPhone 4 was released on the Verizon Wireless network.  That .2% actually accounted for the biggest selling device in February.

As far as manufacturers go, three Android device manufacturers; Samsung, LG and Motorola (in that order) outranked both RIM and Apple.  The Comscore study takes 30,000 respondents into consideration and with that Samsung accounted for 24.8% of devices, up .3% from November.

This news from Comscore solidifies the fact that Android is growing and growing fast! PCMag brings up the fact that these are just US numbers, however we know that from previously released data, Android is rising in the rest of the world at a similar pace. Fred Wilson, an esteemed Mobile analyst with Union Square Ventures predicts that Android will continue to grow, especially in undeveloped or emerging areas.  “I believe Android will be stronger in the developing world than it is in the developed world,”

Android is able to support this theory because of the variety of OEM partners and pricepoints currently available in the Android ecosystem

Source: PC Mag and Comscore

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