Bizzy Encourages Former Whrrl Users To Get Bizzy

Localization deal experts Groupon recently acquired the personalization and location based business recommendation site, Whrrl, and announced that they were shutting it down. When Whrrl came on the scene they were a location based service that prouded themselves on the anti-search and used very precise algorithms to serve up recommendations.  Whrrl creator and CEO Jeff Holden is staying on at Groupon to oversee product development.

Since Whrrl is not folding itself directly into Groupon, Holden has said that we can expect many Whrrl like experiences to come to the forthcoming Groupon Now mobile app. Holden and his team have decided to give users access to their data so that they can use it elsewhere, with other apps.

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Bizzy Founder, President and General Manager Gadi Shamia has developed a way for former Whrrl users to quickly upload their data into the Bizzy recommendation app.  Shamia said:

“When we heard that Groupon had acquired Whrrl and was shutting it down and letting users download their data, we thought it would be great if users had something they could do with that data. This week, we built a simple way for Whrrlers to upload their data to Bizzy to get great recommendations while they’re out,” said Gadi Shamia, Bizzy founder, president and general manager. “At Bizzy, we base your recommendations on the places you like best. When you import your Whrrl data to Bizzy, we can provide you with some great local suggestions so you don’t have to miss a beat.”

Much like Whrrl, Bizzy is a different kind of recommendation app altogether. Bizzy users check out of places rather than checking into places and score the establishment with an easy to decipher and easy to use system.  Once the establishment has been recommended new users can source that recommendation and the recommended establishments are in turn served up for other users.

In a nutshell when you use the Bizzy app and want to find the best steak in Chicago you’re going to get results, rated by others (because we hate using the word crowdsourced) to offer you the best options for the best steak in Chicago.  As Bizzy’s Ryan Kuder pointed out to Thedroidguy, there’s a chain coffee establishment within a 5 minute walk from his California home. Because of sheer convenience it’s the one that he checks in most at on Foursquare, not because its the best Latte.  The best Latte is a 10 minute drive. Therein lies the problem with apps like foursquare that go with frequency over quality.  Bizzy does the opposite.

Now Whrrl users will get to experience the same great technology once they upload their data to Bizzy.

Whrrl users can download their data from and then upload it to Bizzy at Once their data has been imported, Bizzy will begin offering personalized recommendations on places to eat, shop and play nearby. To continue refining their local business recommendations, users can “Check Out” of the businesses they frequent, share how they liked it, as well as tips and photos through Bizzy’s mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Source: Bizzy Inc
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