Best Buy Pre-Ordering Samsung Nexus S 4G, Could Be The I/O Phone

Don’t take this one to the bank just yet but we are thinking with the span of time between the announcement of the Nexus S 4G, the pre-order and I/O being just about 2 weeks away that it’s this years Google I/O phone.  Last year I/O goers were pleasantly surprised when not only did they get Motorola Droid’s prior to I/O but everyone in attendance received the HTC Evo 4G.

This year, when you take into consideration the relationship between Google, Samsung and Sprint I’d almost put a wager on the fact that the Nexus S 4G will be the I/O phone.

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Oh and we were supposed to use the headline to tell you that if you weren’t fortunate enough to get a Google I/O ticket in the less than one hour they were available, no worries you can catch it on the livestream and go ahead and pre-order your Nexus S 4G at Best Buy stores and of course Best Buy Mobile. It will be $199.99 with a new two year agreement as expected.