Battle of the Apps: Tablet Edition

So what I’ve done with this is instead of doing just an App review is put different Applications up against each other on the Xoom. In this first installment I’ve choice 4 categories in which to put 2 different applications in each section up against each other and have them fight it out to the death to see which prevails in… BATTLE OF THE APPS: TABLET EDITION!!!

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The application is beautiful. They really took there time and made it polished, however thats the only thing they did. It doesn’t seem complete. It lacks the videos that are in some of the stories in which the story even says “below is the video”. It uses fragmentation from Android 3.0 perfect with how the sections are on the left side while stories on the main part. The iReport feature is one I really love in which users can submit stories them selves. However one thing I have noticed is how much it does lag when trying to go from say Tech to World to pull up the news. I have got the occasional FC, another issue I’ve noticed is no off line viewing. It is nice it doesn’t store the articles for space wise, that does mean that any off line viewing is out the door on this as it doesn’t cache stories.


This is the end all and be all of RSS/News Feeds as of now. Any Android news feed reader or any reader in general who views articles/blogs online this is a must have. As long as you know the URL you can upload any site into here. You can even view different categories to find new interest. With the addition of having different pages you can even put in to separate different types of stories from one another. Offline viewing is possible on here as it caches stories in its memory.


Pulse– Overall its just better. While I know the CNN one is just for CNN for NEWS I’d have to give it to Pulse based on fact that you can get multiple places all synced into one application along with the fact you are able to browse offline.



At first I hated it… That was until I realized one button will forever sync my bookmarks on both my Xoom and my Chrome browser. Visually I love this more then Dolphin which for phones is my browser I’ll only use, however on the Xoom I’m actually torn. I love how the stock one feels and how it doesn’t FC but I’ve noticed its not as fast. One thing I wish I saw was it more like Chrome with the toolbar but maybe thats asking a little to much. Or is it Google?

Dolphin HD:

Same as how it works on the phone however some FC’s when in it and you get out and you launch again instead of going back via the multi-tasking button. Its quicker then stock and all the plug-ins that work for the phone work for it on the tablet including Bookmarks to SD. My Chrome bookmarks sync to here via the Bookmarks to SD plug-in however visually not as great as the stock browser in my opinion.


Tie– While both have there advantages both then fail at something else. Stock while works perfectly speed wise is lacking. Dolphin while making up in speed lacks the ability not to FC on you, or look as visually as nice.

Note Taking:


I love this application if it wasn’t for the force closes. This was the first application I used when wanting to take notes for my class and am sorry that it still doesn’t fully work for tablets. The look feel of it is great. The ability to use offline without having to pay $79.00 $45.00 a year like Evernote is another plus. Working offline and ability to Sync online is a major plus to this application, however it utterly fails due to the fact that there are always Force Closes while moving around on the Xoom


What can I say that you either don’t already know or have heard of it. It works great while having a connection to the internet. I have yet to notice any FC’s while moving around application at all, and it syncs my notes the minute I leave the one I’m working on. Looks wise nothing special here just functionality at its best.


Evernote– This really would be a run-a-way for Springpad if it worked on the Xoom without it FC’ing like crazy. So because of that it was Evernote who would win this battle as of now. However minute Springpad works on the Xoom I believe that it would be Springpad over Evernote in the note taking category for Android Applications.

Android Market Place:

Google’s Android Market:

The market we all know and love, and hate. We have some modifications done visually and an extra area for Featured Tablet Apps which makes sense. Also on top we have a tab for books which I suspect when we are able to buy music/movies their will be one for those as well. Browsing applications on here is even more of a mess then it is on the phone. The minute you go into an application and then leave you are brought all the way back to the top. Squares are now used as place holders for the applications instead of a list, while nice it does hurt do to fact not all the titles are fully shown. Another issue I’ve noticed is that even though you state for an application to install it doesn’t always do so. Also if you add more then one Google account it does sync those applications you might have had under another name however when downloading new apps you can’t decide which account it’ll go under.

Amazon Android Market:

Brand new kid on the block making the grownups scared. Thats how this one feels. While its “new” its definitely not a baby in terms of how it is. While there are issues with it, like no refunds and oops 1-click buying just made you buy something you’ll never use and can’t refund. I can’t help but love the fact that 1 app-a-day for free is why anyone even uses this. There is no way to make it so you can only see free/paid applications like the stock one gives. Also the “recommended for you” tab is a joke as none the applications there I’d want to download so how would they be for me?


Googles Android Market– This is squarely just based on the fact that there is no logical reason as to have the Amazon one except for the free app a day. Stock one looks/works/feels better even though it has flaws that the Amazon one has it just out shines it. Only time I ever go into the Amazon one is to see the free application other wise I’m afraid I’ll keep buying apps I’ll never use. That and the fact that its a pain in the a55 to even install for new people to Android. Once it becomes built into phones maybe it’ll get better. Oh yea don’t tell people on ATT that Amazon one is better they still can’t use it. Which is another reason I’m saying the stock one wins in this one.

Next week we’ll take on more application wars. If you have suggestions let me know 🙂

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