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Barnes & Noble Opens SDK To Android Developers

Barnes & Noble has realized they have a hit with their Nook Color E-reader (or tablet if you root). The Barnes  & Noble Nook Color is one of the best selling e-readers ever.

When they originally released the Nook Color there was talk of opening up the SDK (Software Developer Kit) to app developers so that they could build apps to work on the device. Application developers can create both paid and unpaid apps that focus on and “enrich and extend the reading experience”.

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Some of the tools that are offered to Nook developers include: Debugging bridge access, public and private access to other Nook developers and access to Nook Developer experts.

Barnes & Noble will have to approve the apps submitted for the Nook to ensure quality and that they meet the goals of the Barnes & Noble Nook Color. Once approved developers can expect a 70/30 revenue split with Barnes & Noble.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s online rival, began offering the Amazon app store just a couple of weeks ago. Amazon’s app store is targeted at all Android devices running 1.6 and better and not just the Kindle e-reader.  Amazon made big waves by being the first app store to feature and debut the smash hit Angry Birds Rio.

The Barnes & Noble Nook Color has been found to be easily rootable and turned into a full fledged (cameraless) Android tablet. Many are choosing to purchase and root the Nook Color over the investment of something like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″.

The Nook Color is available online, in major retailers and at all of Barnes & Noble’s 1300 retail locations. Most retail locations have a Nook specialist on site to explain the e-reader device to the general public.  Barnes & Noble has said they will have a major firmware update for the Nook Color this spring that will incorporate email and several other features that Nook Color owners have been looking for.

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