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AT&T/T-Mobile Merger: FCC Denies Access

We have some new information regarding the AT&T/T-Mobile merger and while it is not major news it is still interesting to know.

According to the FCC they have decided to deny access to certain documents that is part of the merger. The reason: They do not want certain confidential information to be leaked that could compromise AT&T, T-Mobile, or both’s advantage in competition. Below is a statement regarding this decision by the FCC.

“We adopt [these] procedures to provide more limited access to certain especially competitively sensitive information that may be filed in this proceeding, which, if released to competitors or those with whom the Submitting Party does business, would allow those persons to gain a significant advantage in the marketplace or in negotiations. We anticipate that such materials will be necessary to develop a more complete record on which to base the Commission’s decision. While we are mindful of the highly sensitive nature of such information, we are also mindful of the right of the public to participate in this proceeding in a meaningful way.”



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