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Appnation 2011: All Eyes On Android, Free Apps Surpass Apple and More,

Thedroidguy is coming to you live from the Appnation 2011 Conference in San Francisco.  Both thedroidguy and our App Editor Elijah “Thedroidboy” Ketchum are covering the entire event, let’s get right into the business…

The business this week of course is apps. Although Appnation is a multi OS focused event, the word on the street begins with an “A” and ends in a “D” and has ndroi in the middle, yes Android.

As the Appnation conference began the latest Distimo report was released with some excellent Android news.  The first piece of news is in the world of free apps. Currently the Android market has 134,342 free applications available while our iOS competing market has just 121,845 free apps.

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Part of this wave of free apps comes from the fact that Android users are used to getting things free when they relate to Google. Free apps do of course include ad monetized apps and in app purchase monetized apps but nonetheless this is big news and shows Android is rapidly growing in the right direction.

The next bit of news from Distimo is that if all application stores continue growth at the same pace in 5 months the Android Market will be the largest app store followed by Apple and the Windows 7 marketplace.

In month over month reporting Distimo reports that Apple’s iOS apps grew by 6% in March 2011 while Android’s apps grew by 16%. The final numbers at the end of March were apple with 333,214 apps and Android has 206, 143 apps.  While Android tablet apps are a far cry from where we want (67 in the featured tablet apps category today) Apple has 75,000 ipad specific apps.  The next smartphone app store behind Android is the Nokia Ovi market with just 29,920 and RIM with 26,771.

Source: Distimo

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