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Andy Rubin and Vic Gundotra Promoted Under Re-Newed CEO Larry Page

Larry Page took over the reigns of CEO from Eric Schmidt this past Monday. Everyone was waiting and watching to see what moves Page would make at the helm of the good ship Google.

Senior Vice President of Product Management, Jonathan Rosenberg was scheduled to end his tenure at Google in 2013 after his daughter graduated from high school however he has decided to leave now which left a huge hole at the top of the food chain. Page was looking for a long term commitment from Rosenberg who didn’t want to stay longer than 2013.

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Instead of promoting managers to fill the void left by Rosenberg’s departure, Page has raided the engineer pool rather than the management pool.  In this “shake up” both Andy Rubin and Vic Gundotra ended up with cushy new promotions.  Andy Rubin is now the Senior Vice President of Mobile.

Vic Gundotra has been a strong advocate for Android and made a big splash with the attendees of Google I/O last year. We’re not sure how much we will see of him this year because he has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Social.

Google has been widely criticized over their failed attempts at social media in both Orkut and Buzz. Hopefully with the talent and charisma Gundotra has Google will make strides in the social media space.

Others promoted under Page include: Sundar Pichal who is now Senior Vice President of Chrome.  Salar Kamangar has become the Senior Vice President of You Tube and Video.  Alan Eustace has become Senior Vice President of Search and Susan Wojicki has become Senior Vice President of Ads.

source: All Things Digital

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