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Android Market “Test Version”

A possible leaked version of the Android Market, may have  confirmed the rumored release of Google Music.

The leak of the “Test Version” of the Android market seems to be a random accident, and according to the site Tech From 10, the “Test Version” of the Android market just appeared on the Galaxy S phone. Also according to Tech 10, the “Test Version” seems to act and look just like the Android Market minus the paid apps and most applications were called “test”.

One of the apps that was available on the “Test Version” of the market was a new version of Music. The new leaked music app seems to be the same as the one in Honeycomb (Android OS

3.0), which adds a feature that makes the artwork appear as a 3D wall. With in the app appears to be a Google Cloud Music Player, which has options such as, stream music over WI-Fi, but according to PCMag, who download thenew music player, the options are grayed out.

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The ‘Test Version” also had some new apps for Camera, Gallery, Google Talk, and Google Books,along with an interesting new rating system for individual apps. These ratings include: Everyone, Low Maturity, Medium Maturity, and High Maturity. Google had mentioned in the past that ratings were in development.

Since this leak of the Android Market’s “Test Version” Google has removed it from the device and has not responded to requests for comments regarding this leaked version.



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