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Android Leading Smartphone OS For The 4th Consecutive Month

Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix Report for March 2011 came out this morning and of course as no shocker Android is the leading smartphone OS for the fourth month in a row.  Since Admob’s purchase by Google last year, Millennial Media is the largest independent mobile advertising platform in the world. They make the actual user data available every month.  Millennial Media’s mobile mix report shows what users are actual doing and what devices are actually accessing their ad network.

In addition to the news the Android was number one for the fourth month in a row, this month revealed that 14 of the top 20 phones are phones that run Android on them.

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What’s also worthy to note is that the Sprint Evo 4G and the Sprint Epic 4G were  two of the top 3 smartphone devices in the survey, the first of course being the iPhone.  In the carrier mix portion of the report Sprint (12%)  ranked second behind Verizon (19%).  AT&T (11%) ranked 3rd and T-Mobile ranked fourth (10%). Of course if AT&T and T-Mobile were already combined they would have hedged out even Verizon.

One thing that can be gathered from the data about the two high end 4G Sprint Android devices is that despite being touted as “faster” Sprint’s two 4G devices beat out , so called 4G devices on every other carrier including the HTC Thunderbolt. Keep in mind that this is a report based on ads served to handsets so through that we can conclude that users of both the Sprint Evo 4G and Samsung Epic 4G are using their phones to use apps or play games that are delivering ads. What’s even more significant is that the Blackberry Bold 2 was the device behind the Evo and Epic.

Samsung and HTC were the number 2 and 3 phone manufacturer respectively. Motorola, LG, Huawei, Sanyo and Kyocera were Android device manufacturers that rounded out the top 10. Samsung had 5 phones in the top 20, three of which were Android devices. Surprisingly enough the other two weren’t Windows Phone 7 devices but rather feature phones running BREW.

The Millennial Media Mobile Mix report is a monthly report and is one of the more reliable mobile surveys because it is based on actual usage verse estimates and OEM/Carrier reported sales figures.

source: Millennial Media

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