Android Dominates UK Now Too…

A new study commissioned by British digital banking provider Intelligent Environments echoed the sentiments of US smartphone owners.  The study found that 28% of smartphone users in the UK used an Android phone while 26% used an iPhone and 14% use a blackberry.

For all the Apple fanboys that are just about to hit send on that email to our in box, what makes this UK study so significant is, that in the UK, like many other countries that aren’t the US, the iPhone is available on multiple carriers. In fact you can find the iPhone in 4 or 5 shops on any given block in most European countries. So yeah.. it’s a little significant.

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Intelligent Environments study pulled some interesting demographic data as well. First was that over more than 4 million British people over the age of 18 own an Android phone, and more and more British professionals are using them.

In their survey 36% of smartphone owners aged 25-34 used an Android phone. The study also found that more Android users used their phones for mapping and travel than iPhone and Blackberry users.

James Richards, director of mobile at Intelligent Environments, said: “The top three mobile platforms in the UK certainly seem to attract different personalities. It’s fair to say that iPhone and BlackBerry have strong identities but given that Android is on a number of handsets, we are clearly seeing more of a mixed user base.

Source: Press Association

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