Amazon Updates Appstore Dev Agreement

The Amazon Appstore that launched back in March, seems to have made an “oppsy daisy” regarding there Developer Agreement.  There has been two different Developer agreements floating around concerning the Amazon Appstore, and causing some serious confusion. One was in pdf version, while the other one, the old version of course, was available in plain text. The older version was back from last year before the Appstore had even launched.

It seems that even though Amazon had updated their Appstore Developer agreement and price lists, someone had forgotten to replace the older text version, which had caused quite a bit of confusion for Developers. However, since the small mistake of forgetting,  Amazon has updated the older version to reflect the correct information.

So now everyone should, theoretically, be on the same page now regarding the agreement. Just in case you haven’t checked it out and develop apps for the Amazon Appstore, we suggest going and checking it out here.


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