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Alicia Silverstone Joins PETA’s Fight Against Dog Wars

Last night we reported on Michael Vick and the Humane Society’s stance against a game in the Android Market where users feed, raise, and train their own virtual dog to the beat the best. Now Alicia Silverstone has joined PETA in their fight against this game.

Alicia Silverstone is asking for all decent people to take a stand against this game called Dog Wars. Both Alicia Silverstone and other members of PETA are asking Google and the creators of Dog Wars, Kage Games, to pull the game from the Android Market, saying that this game promotes an activity that is illegal in all 50 states and is a felony offense. In this game dogs are starved, beaten, shot, and forced to rip each other to shreds.

In a letter to Google’s CEO Larry Page and Kage Games, Alicia Silverstone says:

April 26, 2011

Dear Mr. Page and officials of Kage Games,

When I read about the new game Dog Wars, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

As a mom-to-be and someone who has adopted and loved rescued pit bulls, I join PETA’s millions of members in imploring you to cancel this game immediately. If one dog dies as a result of this game, you will not forgive yourself.


Alicia Silverstone

While we are still awaiting word from Google, Kage Games has made a response via the games description saying :

We appreciate everyone’s thoughts about our app as we are firm believers in the right to free speech and the free exchange of ideas.

These freedoms are the building blocks of the Google Android operating system and the very reason so many users choose Google Android over the alternative.

We’ve heard thoughts from many dog and animal lovers about our app and first we, as dog owners and dog lovers ourselves, would like to thank you for your thoughts and for the work many of you do on behalf of our canine friends. We DO NOT CONDONE violence towards animals or humans, and we are confident in humankind’s ability to distinguish between a rudimentary game and the consequences of real life.

We are confident this game will be a net benefit to dogs as it has been in our operating agreement from the start of this project that a portion of the proceeds go to animal rescue organizations. Further, this is a satire about the ridiculousness of dogfighting and we believe in the power of a modern media tool to educate and raise awareness of the real horrors.

Another portion of our proceeds are also being appropriated for catastrophic human tragedies, the first of which is the Japan Tsunami relief effort. We encourage everyone to donate to BOTH of these very important causes.

There are hundreds of games on the Google Android market as well as any other popular game platform which, if acted out in real life, would be illegal. What makes the Google Android platform special is it gives the freedom and responsibility to the individual users to decide what to put on their phones as opposed to the phone carriers and app stores making value judgments on our behalf. One of the biggest shocks to us is the number of misguided activists who have questioned or insinuated that our next app will be some type of rape app:

1) we’d never be interested and 2) people making this argument are out of line for even suggesting it.

Lastly, we are incorporating suggestions from both our supporters and our detractors in an effort to create a more socially conscious app that provides a net benefit to dogs as well as humans. Please remember that censorship is a very slippery slope.

While many are waiting to see what the final outcome will be regarding this highly controversial game, we will continue to follow it closely and keep our readers update.

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