Accessory Spotlight: Jawbone Era

Being a longtime Jawbone fan, I was so glad to get to test this device. It is a form factor that is a mix or the Jawbone Prime and the Jawbone Icon, making it pretty equal to the Jawbone II but with the great fit of being able to wear it without the ear loop.

This headset is just as impressive as the previous models. The noise cancellation is great, the colors offered are awesome, and works with Macs and PCs.

This headset has some great features like Motion X that lets you tap the outside twice to answer or shake twice to pair. Or shake to answer the phone. This is the newest model of the Jawbone and has a MSR of $129.99.

The sound is great, but the battery power is lacking slightly. It is great for in the car use only but not as a full time, talking-on-the-phone-all-day headset. But if you are looking for a stylish and great quality headset, the Era is the way to go!