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ABI Research: Android Will Reach 45% Of Market By 2016, WP7 Will Struggle To Hit 7%

New York based research from ABI Research came out this morning that shows some great news for Android, and smartphones.  ABI says that 302 million smart phones shipped in 2010 across the world which was an increase of 71% over 2009. That total number takes into account phones running IOS, Symbian, Rim/Blackberry, Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7, Android, and Bada.

“Android, Bada and BlackBerry have a great opportunity to fill the vacuum being left by the disappearance of the Symbian OS within the next two years,” notes senior analyst Michael Morgan.

ABI is predicting moderate but steady growth for the iPhone, while other research is suggesting that the iPad may be what carries Apple this year.

According to API Rim is currently at 16% and should only drop to about 14%  by 2016.  This could partially come from their upcoming Play Book announcement as well as the fact that Rim will eventually plateau and it’s core group of users, that won’t try anything else, will level out.

The most alarming news is for Microsoft and by proxy Nokia who just made a huge commitment to each other back on February 11th. If ABI Research is correct (which they tend to be) than Microsoft will see a dip down to 7% and at that they will have a hard time maintaining it. ABI says Microsoft will have to have tremendous success with Nokia in order to make that happen.

This news can’t be comforting for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer who just ranked near the bottom in a poll of employees on how top tech CEO’s are doing.

The best news out of this research is of course Android and that ABI expects Android to have 45% of the smartphone market in 2016.

source: ABI Research via BusinessWire

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