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2 Months After Hitting 2 Billion, Android Hits 3 Billion App Installs

Google announced some pretty awesome news today, only two months after hitting their 2 billion mark on app installs, they hit 3 billion.So what does this mean for Google and the Android platform?

Overall, it shows that Google is making some major headway, along with the fact that users are starting to use more apps on their Android devices. It took almost two years for Google and Android to hit that first billion, but it does seem to be increasing quite nicely.

While Google and Android are making some pretty big marks, Apple is sitting on their 10 billion mark, compared to back in April ’09 when they hit their first billion.

Right now we are there are around 350,000 devices being activated daily that run the Android OS, along with over half a million advertisers that are taking advantage of the click to call ads, and are reporting over 11% rate increases. Also according to Google’s earning call, it seems that the U.S., Japan, Europe, and S. Korea  are where the strongest market for Android is at this time.

It will be interesting to see how Google and the Android OS progresses over the next few years. We have already heard how Android is and will be the leading OS on smartphones.


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