Zynga Hints At All Titles Coming To Mobile

Most of our readers know the name Zynga. If you don’t, it’s the social gaming company founded by Mark Pincus and responsible for the hits Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, Words With Friends and more.

In an interview with Reuters this week Zynga’s head of mobile David Ko said “With 250  million people playing our games per month—all of those people should have mobile opportunities if they want to,”

Last month Zynga ported their IOS smash hit “Words With Friends” to Android. “Words With Friends” is a highly competitive scrabble type game that’s somewhat addictive and easy to play.  Zynga is great at taking pretty simple ideas like Scrabble and Poker and making them highly animated, colorful experiences.

Zynga’s biggest hit, at first, was Farmville. Millions and millions of people started tending to virtual crops and farm life. Many think it’s a big hit among housewives and women, and it is, although there are a lot of men playing it as well.  Late last year they introduced the urban version of Farmville in Cityville which already has 95million active players per month.  Cityville is a 2010-2011 spin on the classic Sim City.

Ko said that next year you can expect a lot of different types of games from Zynga in the mobile space.  One of the key attractions to Android now is the in-app purchase that we are expecting any day now, officially.  Zynga’s Ville franchises rely on the selling of virtual goods such as money, coins and buildings with better ROI (in Cityville), when in-app purchasing is perfected Zynga will thrive at mobile. Ko also hinted that Cityville is a franchise it could certainly tap for mobile. Farmville is already available to IOS users.

While Zynga is the reigning king of social gaming on Facebook, Reuters is quick to point out that there is a lot more competition in the mobile space.

The world is also watching to see what Zynga does in the social networking space. Zynga is reportedly on the short list of potential buyers of Fox’s ill fated MySpace. If Zynga acquires Myspace will it try to move their games away from Facebook?

Source: Reuters

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