Zuckerbeast Puts Twenty Something Back Into Facebook Founder

It’s odd sometimes what some consider news…  Over the weekend Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and long time girlfriend Priscilla Chan got a brand new puppy.

Their new puppy is a Puli which is a Hungarian Sheep Dog, and it’s very cute.  Of course the “tech story” is that Zuckerberg and Chan naturally created a Facebook page for their puppy that they are calling “Beast”.

The human story though is that Zuckerberg and Chan have decided to share their puppy story and puppy pictures, well like any normal twenty something American couple that just brought a puppy home.  Aside from the gigantic living room that is featured in the photos, they look normal, human and in love with each other and Beast.

Of course the latest update is that Beast has learned how to climb the stairs like a “champion” we are secretly wondering if Zuckerberg thought about using “Winning” in that status update.

As one of the youngest, if not the youngest, billionaire on the planet sometimes we forget that Mark Zuckerberg is still 26 and to a degree just another twenty something with a Facebook page.

You can check out Zuckerbeast here

Source: Yahoo

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