Xoom Headed To Cellular South

For all you Cellular South subscribers we have great news regarding the Motorola Xoom. It has been confirmed that the Xoom will be landing on Cellular South in the future for $599.99 with a free Novatel Mi-Fi hotspot.  This will be a Wi-Fi only Xoom, so bundling is necessary. Right now, we do not have a release date, and Cellular South is only “saying its coming soon”.  However, if you are thinking of jumping on the Xoom with Cellular South the data plans for the Mi-Fi are pretty reasonable.

  • $19.99/1G with $20.00 for each GB thereafter (MiFi only)
  • $29.99/3G with $10.00 for each GB thereafter (Data Card,Netbook and MiFi)
  • $49.99/5G with $10.00 for each GB thereafter (Data Card, Netbook and MiFi)

Right now the only plans offered by Cellular South for the Mi-Fi is either 3GB for $30 or 5GB for about $60, which is not to bad compared to data plans with other carriers. Plus, Cellular South is planning on moving from their 3G to LTE by the end of the year. Overall, this is not a bad deal and you get to look forward to no contracts required either.

As soon as we have more information regarding release dates, we will be sure to keep you informed.



2 Replies to “Xoom Headed To Cellular South”

  1. Thats going to be a huge fail….samsung is selling the galaxy 10″ tablet to stores out of bulk around 250$ which is what i think these tablets should be running anyways…then if they get the 100 per store bulk rate at 178$ each WHY the hell is these jerkoff retails stores screwing there customers by selling that garbage at a 600-800$ each it better come with a reach around is all i can say. until the prices go down to something reasonable ill stick with my Atom Pc Tablet …1.2gig duo-(160gig Hard Drive!!!!! Upgradeable to 320 gig ssd) Windows 7 (2 GIG’s DDr-4) int realtek hd audio headphone jack with RCA conversion plug for speakers…awsome WiFi, Bluetooth, Gps, 3G w/easy link for service providers, Mini Pci Xpress Plugin Play card (looks like simular to cellphone battery but thinner, 9 hour battery 6 with Wifi running all the time,Bluetooth 4in1 card readers,Hd out jack and cables (1024 not 720), dual USB x2’s (preloaded mouse and keyboard universal drivers) 1.3mg video camera with hd decoding and ultra dither, 10″..capacitive MULTI touch screen, microphone speaker and jack, built in sureal sound speakers not the cheap crap that xoom has built into it.1 x DIMM slot, all that and more for 500$ 35$ more for the 320 gig HD now available….why don’t anyone go with this instead WAY better Machine i have widows and android CyanogenMod ROM dualbooting freakin sweet no compatition out there i have found yet if this thing came with the tegra 2 it would smoke ALL of them but even with the slower intel atom processer its still just as fast or faster running droid on it …doesn’t slack up at all with windows running though i don’t have alot of programs install so its not really load tested yet…but its not designed to run all that if you want to load windows down buy a laptop! PS this plays Pc Games pretty good to. oh and unlike 90% of the tablets that say they have flash and DON”T this one Does have Flash 10 installed and runs great. just need to upgraded to honeycomb see how that goes.

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