Wifi Only Galaxy Tab $399 April 4th?

Droid-Life is reporting that we will see the 7″ (Don’t call me OG yet) Samsung Galaxy Tab on April 4th for the price of $399. We love our original Samsung Galaxy Tab, the size is perfect, the design and operation are fluid. There are a lot of new Honeycomb tablets on the horizon including one by Samsung, the Galaxy Tab 10.1.¬† We are also expecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 at CTIA.

The 7″ form factor is a definite plus for people who use their tablets a lot especially in standing meetings.¬† 10″ tablets cause fatigue a lot quicker.

Droid-Life brings up a good point though, have we moved on already from the 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab? Samsung did release a new commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Tab yesterday.

There is a big discrepancy in how many original Samsung Galaxy Tabs actually ended up in the hands of consumers. A Samsung Executive said that their sell out wasn’t what they expected and although they were misquoted by Steve Jobs at the iPad 2 launch there isn’t a clear figure on how many Galaxy Tabs have been sold.

There have been widespread reports that the Motorola Xoom wi-fi only edition would start showing up soon for $539 at Sam’s club and an undisclosed price at Staples.

As far as the WiFi only model goes, there is no indication of where you can find the WiFi only version on April 4th but it appears that it is coming.

Source: Droid Life

2 Replies to “Wifi Only Galaxy Tab $399 April 4th?”

  1. According to Samsung Mobile head JK Shin the original Galaxy Tab will upgrade to Gingerbread but not Honeycomb. wish there was better news Kevin

  2. I was really excited until I saw that it was still only going to be Froyo, and not Honeycomb. What gives? They still don’t get it do they? It needs to be price competitive. They had me at $399 but kinda lost me at Froyo. Yeah, I know – I can do all kinds of rooting and custom ROMs to make it look custom – but Honeycomb on the original surely is possible, isn’t it?

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