Well, You Have Verizon


Right now at CTIA Jim Cramer is hosting the top 3 mobile carrier CEO’s. Already mentioned by Cramer, “its not often you get these three people in a room.” Many things are being discussed, mobile broadband, the next gamechanger, and just opinions.

These 3 powerful men were asked what the next text messaging would be. What is the next thing to take the world by storm. All three responded video chat.

The next question was about speeds of the networks. The US just passed Japan in most 3G usage and 4G is now on all of these carriers. 4G is everywhere now, and Sprint is about to announce their 22nd 4G device.

Jim also asked Dan Hesse why things freeze and he responded with the now famous quote “well, you do have Verizon”. Hesse continued to be on fire today by also responding to AT&T CEO stating they would roll out 4G “I thought you guys already had 4G”.

In the lightning round, these carrier leaders are responding that companies like Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are friends. They are trying to use all of the innovations from these companies to make the mobile world better for everyone.

The acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T is big , but the carrier war is only just getting started. The race is on for the best 4G network and who can get what next. With Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T having a big presence here at CTIA this is shaping up to be a stellar event.

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