Week one with the Motorola Xoom

So I was going to do just another run of the mill this is what I think of the Xoom however after using it for a bit I thought I’d change it up. First ill say this is full stock I haven’t nor will I root it. Shocked I know coming from someone who rooted there Droid before they even paid for it in the store but here we go on the first and last non rooted device ill ever have…

I love this device!!! Honestly… I don’t understand how and why other tech sites would bash this as being poorly done and such however they are basing the fact that applications don’t work because its something in honeycomb that is doing it and not the application itself.

The device for me is the perfect weight… Its not this light pos that I’m afraid I’ll break in my hands and something not to heavy where I’m not able to handle it with one hand on the bus while holding my phone and talking on it with the other hand. I’m starting to go back to school and was using my laptop in class to take notes as I hate writing and decided when Verizon sent me a review unit in the mail to try and use it to see if it’ll work. Much to my surprise it did and right away.

More of Brent’s Week One Review after the break

During class I was and am using SpringPad that is in the market place. There are some issue with the application right now on the Xoom where it’ll FC when you are getting out of the application. Feature wise for taking notes in class its perfect and so is the keyboard on the Xoom… I find my self forgetting its not a computer one where I think some punctuation should be. The ease to go from one app to another quick with just two keys presses is also great as I’m able to switch between paying attention in class and going to either Twitter or Gtalk and not making it seem like I’m not paying attention(took this class before so I know it already that’s why).

Could there be a better app like a native Google Docs one sure, but Google for some reason is being lazy about it. School wise it would be nice if our books where online so we could have them on our tablets so instead of having to carry books around we could just have them on here and even make it so we could highlight what we should remember and mark spots in book to come back.

Knowing full well I’m what you would call an advanced user I decided to hand this over to my mom and see what she thought of it. I was actually surprised how quick she picked it up see seeing how she doesn’t even have an Android phone yet but an old LG phone. While I had to show her what apps where what like Dolphin browser she picked it up quick and even started to have fun zooming in and out.

I can honestly say after just one week with this device its already had me not bring around my CR48 any where which I used to always bring. In LA the Verizon 3G while not the fastest net around does get it done however once this gets upgraded to the LTE version I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t want one.

Oh I have had a couple of times were it would freeze… that being said power + volume up would fix it all time the so it wasn’t 100% roses but seeing what’s out there right now no way would I go somewhere else. Here goes to hoping week two review will bring back the same results and how happy I am with this device. Next weeks review will also have included some app reviews dealing with apps being used on the tablet and how they are.

-Written on the Xoom while on bus or around the city.

About the writer. Brent F is our west coast event reporter. In addition he used to own his own website.  Brent F is the founder of a new app development company.

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