BREAKING: Verizon Device Return Policy Changes Today Very Bad For You

Effective immediately Verizon is making changes to it’s return policy for DEFECTIVE devices.  Prior to March 31, 2011 there were devices in store to swap out a defective device now there will be only 4 devices per store.  These are only to be offered on a per case basis with members of the Armed Services and Emergency Cases (TBD by store manager).  The devices that are available will be the original Droid or the Droid Eris (for Android), a Blackberry, or a feature phone.
Once the order for your defective device has been processed you have to either wait 5 business days, pay $6.99 for 2 day, or pay $12.99 for next day delivery.  You will receive your new device with packaging to send back the damaged device.  The device cannot have “blemishes” on the front surfaces (touchscreen, keyboard, or front casing) if so $299*.  If there are two or more scratches on the device, of 5mm or more, ANYWHERE on the device $299*.  Lint, dust, or any foreign object under the camera lens (Manufacturing defect? I think so.) $299*.  These damages are not noted at the store, instead they are noted at the warehouse.  THIS IS IMPORTANT:  The box that you send back will be photographed upon arrival in the warehouse.  If there is any damage this will be weighted in as 50% of what Verizon deems to be damaged.  This counts against YOU, even though you sent it via FedEx.  After checking the box your device will be throughly inspected and high resolution photos will be taken from every conceivable angle.  All of these are separate from the actual cause of the problem.

If it is determined within two billing cycles a chargeback will appear on your bill.  Customers who have assigned an email address will receive an email with the damaged device showing you the extensive, non-wear and tear damages on the device.  If customers have not assigned an email address they will have to come into the store to have either a sales or repair tech bring up the photos of said damage.  If Verizon decides that you are to be levied a chargeback there is no recourse and this money WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.
Wow even more with photos after the break
Even with the phone clearly being defective you will be charged a chargeback.  The $299 fee is for smartphones; multi-media phones, feature phones, and mobile broadband devices are all $99.
A big thank you to Gadget University for helping to flesh this out.

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  1. Says a lot when companies like Verizon boast plans that say “unlimited” but then they throttle data and pull back on policies like this….meanwhile Sprint continues truly unlimited plans and launches a Rewards program.

  2. Hmmmm, this ‘article’ has removed that the Blackberry TORCH is the replacement for a BB. Which is a GSM phone.

  3. If this is true, then I have never been so disgusted with ANY corporation before. I have Verizon, and I just may leave cold turkey after this. Time to investigate a wi-fi only SIP and Google Voice based solution.

    I thought AT&T was evil. The cell phone industry in the US is DOOMED!

  4. This can’t be legal. There are laws protecting people from abuse. If we pay for a product and it is defective, they are bound by law to replace it with another of what we ordered that does work. Laws are supposed to work for people, not for corporations.

  5. Alright guys, READ THE PICTURES!!!

    the article is completely wrong… A CLNR is an unlocked device you can buy at any time… the Fees ($299) are if you want to return the CLNR and it has damage that you caused on the CLNR device… NOT THE ORIGINAL DEVICE. Basically, they sell overstock devices or devices that were sent in earlier, then refurbished, and put on th CLNR market… they only have usually 8 devices for sale online (last time i checked it was D1, Eris, BB Storm, another BB, and dumbphones) so this is not really BREAKING news.

  6. I thought I had a comment, but I’m dead on speechless. All of the carriers are slowly but surely losing their damn minds.

  7. This has gotta be an April Fools joke… Gadget University doesn’t even source their story. Checked VZW site and their exchange policy reads the same as before still.

  8. Wow so basically they eliminated the warranty exchange process completely and mafe it a $299 insurance deductible program….. Hoky smokes this is the mist ridiculous guidelines ive ever seen…. They even have a length guideline of 5mm what if there is a 6mm gap…. In stuck for $299…. dogsh!t!!!!

  9. I wish I could start my own mobile company. I really hope that T-mobile somehow survives the merger. Over ten years I have never been treated unfairly and I feel that pricing has always been just right. Without them, I don’t know what I’ll do. Sigh….

  10. OMG! the arrogance astounds me.

    I am so glad I don’t work for their customer service anymore.

    It is almost as if they are telling their customers “we don’t want you here. GTFO”

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