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Verizon CEO: “We Don’t Need Sprint”

Since the breaking news regarding the deal between AT&T and T-Mobile, we have yet to hear from Verizon regarding this acquisition. That changed, however, when Verizon’s CEO Daniel Mead spoke to Reuters before the CTIA Wireless Conference.

According to Mead, Verizon has no intentions on opposing the deal between AT&T and Deutsche Telekom for T-Mobile USA. Instead, Verizon’s CEO stated that they do not want to get distracted from their goal of becoming the most profitable U.S. wireless operator. Mead also said that U.S. regulators would more than likely approve the AT&T/T-Mobile deal if the companies agreed to certain conditions. AT&T will probably be expected to have to sell some assets in order to get regulators to approve the deal. However, as far as Verizon’s view on Sprint, Daniel Mead said “We’re not interested in Sprint. We don’t need them.”

Seems like Sprint may be left out in the dust if this merger between AT&T and T-Mobile does go through. Not only has Sprint’s stocks been falling, but now it seems that Verizon doesn’t even want to bother with them. This merger is looking worse and worse for Sprint as time goes on.



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