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As we get ready to turn 2 years old as Thedroidguy on Twitter (tomorrow) we started a bunch of cool little segments, we did our first tools we use on Hootsuite to tell you about Hootsuite and why we use it, and of course to see if you’d click on our affiliate links (as one Twitter user suggested, not knowing we are usually really up front about this stuff).

Thedroidguy started as a twitter than added the blog, not the other way around as most other sites are.  Having such and having a background in commercial radio some people from time to time suggest that Thedroidguy himself (me, not our team of writers) is a bit on the arrogant side and sometimes has an ego. Others would tell you that I’m always helping new people with the same passion and drive about Android, tech and mobile, which is true.  But let’s deal with the word “ego”

“Ego” is what drives me to do better and also drives me to read my blogger idol Michael Arrington’s, Tech Crunch, every day religiously, sure Engadget’s in the G-Reader with all the other usual suspects but there is something about start ups, entrepreneurs, and Michael Arrington that just makes me and millions keep coming back. Not one other site on the net has had me try more things, on the net, then Techcrunch.

Techcrunch led me to sign up for, quora, picplz, and many more, in fact today I signed up for One True Fan.  Techcrunch also led me to TwentyFeet which in their own words is an “Ego Tracking Service”.

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Of course we use the official Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics, Cube Stat, Klout, Wefollow, and Tweet Reach but Twenty Feet is something we use day to day.

Why because of it’s notifiers. tracks your social media presence, Facebook,Youtube,, myspace and Twitter etc and lets you know when you’ve had a significant increase in this metric or that via email.  We obviously use it for twitter.

Despite the fact we have never had negative net churn, We track significant spikes in followers and other analytics, it also helps us find burn.

Twentyfeet keeps it user friendly but with lot’s of metrics. If you’ve ever used Google Analytics it takes a while to get used to but with Twentyfeet its very easy to read and extrapolate information. The dashboard gives you quick visual access to:
Reputation indiccators
Influence indicators
Following analytics
more details

Twentyfeet also has a comprehensive side bar that measures your activity stream. For Twitter is shows you:
Follower change
Following change
Retweets recieved
People not following back
Number of @ mentions
Number of listings and fluctuation

All of the factors in the activity stream let you know when anything outside of a set parameter is reached or the average is exceeded it lets you know.

Although we focused on Twitter it also monitors Facebook, Youtube, Myspace (whats that), and Currently it will monitor 2 social media accounts for you free and more are $2.49 each for the year so go try it out with 2 of your social media accounts.

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