The Five Hundred Dollar Gadget Make Over!

Gelaskins cover on a PS3 Enter the $500 Gadget Make Over because Skinning is Winning

Starting Saturday night at 9:23pm eastern time and continuing through Friday at 9:23pm eastern time has teamed with the cool Canadians at Gelaskins for the $500 Gadget Make Over contest.

Each day Sunday through Friday a winner will be chosen for an instant $20 gift card from Gelaskins (their phone skins cost less than $20). The preliminary winners will remain in the contest. Then on Friday a grand prize winner will be drawn for a $500 instant gift card from Gelaskins!

The prizes are all e-cards so you’ll be able to order right away!

So here’s what we want you to do.

Take a picture, of your phone, mp3 player, tablet, wii, playstation 3, psp, nintendo ds or other game system, handheld etc. that needs a make over. Feel free to put more than one gadget in the picture.  Now no worries the contest is random and not based on need so the more pictures the better.  We will use our super duper random tweet finder to pick the $20 winners and the $500 winner on Friday at 9:23pm eastern time.

The tweeted photo needs to say:

“follow @gelaskins and @thedroidguy I need a $500 gadget makeover NOW #skinning is #winning” and of course the picture. Tweets without photos will not be entered.

Feel free to head over to and see the possibilities for your gadgets, you can skin everything and with $500 you can do alot of skinning and of course that’s WINNING

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