T-Mobile G1 Has A Honeycomb ROM In The Works

The great developers over at the XDA Forum are working on a Honeycomb ROM for the T-Mobile G1. The developer, who goes by the handle “zFr3eak” had been tinkering with Honeycomb for a while on his G1 and was finally able to get it working on Monday evening. He gives zFr3eak gives credit to Yoshua and Bypass for helping him.

zFr3ak has posted some pics along with a video to show the progress that he has made so far. He promises an Alpha ROM is going to be available soon.

More after the break including what works and doesn’t

-Honeycomb Keyboard
– Data/App
– Launcher 2
– Multitap
– Full Honeycomb UI
– Key Lights

He is still working on:
– Bluetooth
– Wifi
– 3G
– Screen Resolution

Here’s a video on the work they’ve done so far:

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Source: XDA Forum via Gadget Geek.ly

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